What is Morning Drop?

Morning Drop is a subscription service that delivers fresh, organic and healthy products daily. The milk is sourced from Akshayakalpa Farms where cows are nourished with organically grown grass and nurtured in a steroid-free, antibiotic-free environment. Very soon, we will also carry fruits and vegetables sourced from partner farms and orchards that support the best practices of natural farming in a chemical-free environment. Morning Drop is a joint venture between Akshayakalpa Farms and Town Essentials, one a leader in organic milk, the other a well known fruits and vegetables specialist. Morning Drop currently services the city of Bangalore.


Do you have delivery chargers?
We have no delivery charges.

What is the cut-off time?
To guarantee freshness the cut off time is 2 pm. Orders are sent to our farms where the milk is packaged on order and made ready for early morning delivery at your doorstep.

From where can I download the APP?
You can download the APP from the Google Playstore or access morningdrop.com from any PC or mobile phone browser.

I want to pay by cash, can I?
No. We do not accept cash. You can charge your wallets online via a credit card, NEFT, IMPS and UPI.

How to reach out to you?
You can register online and recharge your Morning Drop wallet and get started. You can also reach us on email support@morningdrop.com or call our support staff at 9535388122.

I do not want milk tomorrow, what should I do?
You can either click on the button next to "At Home" and set your vacation OR click on "Next Week" and switch off the button. You can also call the support center at 9535388122. Please note if it is tomorrow, then it has to be before the cut-off time of 2 pm.